The next Leonardo da Vinci!

Shah Eli Kannemeyer is a free-spirited artist, a talented puzzle and block builder, as well as, an avid sportsman. He enjoys riding his bike and playing rugby but loves playing with his dogs Duke and Mila even more. In his eyes, animals are incredibly beautiful, and it is our duty to help save them. This brave young man doesn’t just want to save animals though, he wants to save people too. When he grows up he wants to venture into a career of being a fireman; Fit, strong and ready for any challenge! He has a lot he wants to accomplish, and we have no doubt he will achieve it. Eli has become a wonderful part of our team of brand ambassadors with his cheerful smile, and loving attitude.


Yours truly,

The HICH South Africa Team 

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  • Kerwin on

    We need more people that is caring and willing to do what must be done

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