How have our HICH-ERS helped us help others?

It's been a little over 3 months since the HICH South Africa brand was launched and so much good can already be seen, felt and heard.

We are proud to announce that the brand has assisted our local animal shelters with the following support:

  • Veterinary bill assistance and dog food for the furries from Paw Print Animal Community
  • Veterinary bill assistance for Angie and prescription dog food for Cairo from Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue (P.E.A.R)
  • 3 months' supply of vitamin supplements for Chaska from The Animal Welfare Society of Port Elizabeth
  • Blankets for the furries at the SPCA Uitenhage. Harley, my handsome little pitbull grandson, was also recently adopted from the wonderful team at this shelter!
  • Dog and cat food for the furries and veterinary bill assistance for Milla from Domestic Animal Care - Ellen Dunning

It is equally important to note that HICH South Africa is not a non-profit organisation and all donations have been handed over to our local animal shelters in good faith. It has been devastating to read about some of the fraudulent activities that have occurred on our very doorstep, as these distasteful acts of pure selfishness hurt the very ones who we are trying so hard to protect. Going forward, extra precautionary measures will be put in place for all donations handed over to any non-profit organisation to ensure that it benefits the animals for whom we have built our brand around.

Albert Einstein wisely said that "our task must be to free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty".

Be kind. Be honest. Be free.

Yours in paws

Nicky and The HICH South Africa Team

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