An interesting mind makes for an interesting life...

Sebastian Lees is a 9-year-old rugby lover and creative illustrator. He loves to draw and create amazing comic books at his young age! The next Picasso don’t you think? When he grows up he either wants to be an actor (I can totally see him in a film with Brad Pitt) or an illustrator (who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their life drawing?). He is a soft-natured, loving boy with a heart as big as our universe. If he’s not expressing his adoration for his mom, he's expressing his love for all animals both big and small. Sebastian even has 4 guinea pigs! In his opinion, animals make our planet incredibly interesting, and what makes them better is that they’re FLUFFY! He is a wonderful addition to our team of brand ambassadors as he shares the same passion and love for animals as we do.


Yours truly,

The HICH South Africa Team

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