A little bit of love goes a long way...

Aasiyah Parker is a loving 10-year-old girl with a soft spot for animals. Every aspect of them interests her, from their wet noses to their wagging tails. Most of the time you can catch her dancing like she doesn't have a care in the world or being outdoors experiencing the beauty of nature. Aasiyah is a special needs child and has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. But, she wont ever let that hold her back from becoming the best vet in the world! She never lets her condition define her or stop her from touching the hearts of not only the people around her, but, the animals too. They have a very calming effect on her and share the same sense of love, acceptance and innocence. We are proud to have such a strong willed and kind-natured girl on our team of ambassadors fighting against animal cruelty and advocating for their rights. 


Yours truly,

The HICH South Africa Team 


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